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2ams original goal was to "bring together as many people as possible in the world’s greatest gaming rooms." Using the game development platform CREATION, they were able to do just that.

In 1994, the president of 2am, Eli Ehrman, started development on CREATION. CREATION was a tool used to create 2am’s online games, which could be played across the world. It had a fast animation engine, a communication layer for brining people together and an advanced scripting language so that designers could quickly create games. CREATION allowed ideas to turn into realities.

On November 1st, 1996, 2am released its first online game for testing. The game? Alliance and Defiance. During November of 1996, three games were currently available, and three more were planned to be released that month. And by the end of 1997, four to six additional games were scheduled to be released.

One person aspiring to make an online game was Mark Granat (also known as mgg). After his military experience, he was determined to bring his war game ideas to life. He soon joined 2am as Director of Game Design, and began building his game: Chain of Command.

By June 1st , 1997, Chain of Command was ready to be tested by 2am’s "Founding Members." Finally in March of 1999, Chain of Command was released into beta.

Chain of Command is a WWII war game where each player controls four soldiers on either the United States or German side. Each team strives to capture the victory points to win the mission. Your men will be armed with either the United States Garand or the German Mauser. Weapons such as the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and the Machine Gun 42 (MG42) will be available to use.

There were many planned additions to the game that were never implemented. Some of these additions were:
  • Expanding of the terrain varieties
  • Available weapon types
  • Armored (and unarmored) fighting vehicles
  • Artillery and air support
  • New theaters of operations
  • Different military forces

    Since the 2am Game Club was freeware, it soon began to fall into a financial hole. 2am used banners to provide them with the money they needed to keep the club alive. However, the money they were receiving from the banners was not meeting the requirements to pay the bills. 2am was soon forced to fire all of their employees, since they were not able to pay them. Chain of Command was soon shut down, never to be seen again.
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